Based around on-the-ground realities, Living in... Qatar covers the country’s history, its culture, the best way to prepare a move, the subtle nuances of daily life and social attitudes, the availability of housing, the different education systems as well as tried and tested recommendations for select shopping, dining and entertainment options


About the Book
The jewel of the GCC economies is a small country with many unique features. Blessed with abundant oil and gas reserves, it offers residents a high standard of living and is a hub for business, finance, tourism, education, health care, industry, energy and sports.

 If you plan to live in the “pearl of the Arabian Gulf”, Living in...Qatar is here to help you manage your everyday life, whether you are a resident, a business traveller or a visitor.

  • History and culture, for all your quick information about Doha and Qatar - Moving and housing, for a smooth transition
  • Visas, licenses and documents, to unravel the bureaucratic mysteries - business environment and finances, for up-to-date information
  • Shopping and services, with recommended stores and venues
  • Entertainment venues, dining options, health care services, education, and other facets of daily life
  • A complete directory of addresses and telephone numbers right on hand ... and much, much more!

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